My “Nothing Box” and Mowing Grass


Sometimes I find it necessary to go to my “nothing box.” This is a place where I simply step out of being actively present with others. I find place and space to withdrawal and reflect in silence. Mowing the lawn, walking, or driving often provides for me a treasured “nothing box.”

Last week, while mowing yard, I was deep in thought about the significance of the day. Just hours before, I participated in our annual community Good Friday worship service. A gripping drama which powerfully depicted the final hours of Christ was, yet, boldly riveted in my mind. As the mower hummed, I entered my “nothing box.” My mood and spirit was heavy. With a sense of desperate urgency, I was longing for Easter morning to come quickly.

As I mowed, I was gently reminded of God’s ongoing redemptive story through the silent testimony of the beauty which surrounded me. Just weeks before the lawn appeared hopelessly dead and gave no hint of life. The trees were barren, naked, and, frankly, uninviting. To imagine foliage coming forth was but a wishful thought. I recalled looking at summertime pictures and wondering, “Can the lawn and trees really become this green and lush again? How is this even possible?”

Today, however, life abounded. The lawn was a deep green. Every ounce of nutrient was being drawn into each blade of grass. It was as if the lawn was a testimony of the resurrection—yes, life had indeed come. Every blade of grass was shouting to me, “Though we were dead and lifeless, we now live!” The trees were budding. They, too, proclaimed “Life is coming to our barren branches, we promise a lush canopy of shade is soon to come.”

I guess you could conclude that even when one enters their “nothing box,” something is there. Rarely are “nothing boxes” truly empty. So it was on this particular day. Entering my “nothing box,’ something was stirring. It was timely…it was needful…it was good.

Today…and every day…we live into the reality and truth of the resurrected Christ. I was reminded how easily it is to fail to embrace the overwhelming evidence of the resurrection and redemption of God in mundane everyday activities such as mowing the lawn.  Evidence abounds. All we need to do is open our eyes and see.

So, go, enter your “nothing box.” Look around you and bask in the power of the resurrection and see the redemption of God in all of life.

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.                    Romans 1:20 NLT