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"The wind blows where it wishes, you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8

The Old Car in the Woods

Nearly every year, while hunting throughout the fall season, I stumble across remnants of a long-abandoned farmstead. Sometimes I find myself walking upon a forsaken cemetery of yesteryear, dotted with with unreadable gravestones, while other graves are marked with mere field stones. It is if the stones are calling out, “here is the the resting place of a person who has a name.” As one who is intrigued by what once was, my hunt is nearly always interrupted with curiosity. I wonder, “What are the untold stories which once occupied this place?” As this photo reveals, Occasionally, I happen upon Read More »

Who Moved My Cheese?

In 1998, Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote a secular fable entitled “Who Moved My Cheese?” Upon release, the book became an immediate New York Times bestseller. I was then employed in the marketplace and participated with other business persons in a peer study group. Spencer’s book was selected for our study. The book is short, the font is large, its margins wide, and the story line is simple. The book was a very easy read. However, the application and hard-hitting impact within it stuck with me ever since. The storyline casts four characters: two little human characters names Hem and Haw, Read More »


“What was it like to walk where Jesus walked?” “Of everything you experienced in Israel, what is your single greatest takeaway?” Questions like these continue to greet Shirley and myself after a five-week study tour in Israel. In many ways, answering these questions is like needing to determine which of my four children is my favorite, or naming the greatest moment in my thirty-three-year marriage. Some questions cannot be answered because it reaches beyond a feeling or an experience. It even reaches beyond goosebumps. While we were on tour, I recall getting to many holy sites and wondering when am Read More »

A Hole-in-One…not

I am not a very good golfer. As a matter of fact, even on a four-person scramble, I make a far better caddy or golf cart driver than I do a team contributor. To be sure, the words, “Wow, a hole-in-one” has never been spoken in my presence after teeing off on a short drive. Such words are a rarity for me even playing a round of miniature golf. While in the marketplace, I recall being invited to some high-end golf outings. While I enjoyed, immensely, the networking and sales opportunity which occurred, my golf skills were quite atrocious and Read More »

My “Nothing Box” and Mowing Grass

Sometimes I find it necessary to go to my “nothing box.” This is a place where I simply step out of being actively present with others. I find place and space to withdrawal and reflect in silence. Mowing the lawn, walking, or driving often provides for me a treasured “nothing box.” Last week, while mowing yard, I was deep in thought about the significance of the day. Just hours before, I participated in our annual community Good Friday worship service. A gripping drama which powerfully depicted the final hours of Christ was, yet, boldly riveted in my mind. As the Read More »


The idea suggesting fullness requires one must first become empty—is a profound paradox. However, this unique concept aligns well with other upside-down quotes of Christ, such as, “the last shall be first last”— “love your enemies”— “the greatest among you will be your servant.” These few quotes among many are not to be mere decorative wall-hangings to look at from afar. No! These words capture the very heart of God fulfilled in the Person of Christ. Jesus exhorted his followers to do as he does, thus these upside-down self-emptying words must also define the followers of Jesus. The Gospels reveal Read More »

Wooden People

We live in very interesting times—globally nationally, and politically—perhaps, “interesting” is an understatement. Sometimes we forget…or perhaps we choose to ignore the fact…that Jesus lived in an incredibly political world. Christ’s life, from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion outside of Jerusalem, is bookended by politics and political personalities. Even while living among the political realities which surrounded and confronted him every day, Jesus never confused or compromised the Kingdom of God with the kingdoms of the world. Jesus knew the mission because he knew the Father. Jesus kept appealing and calling his disciples to the same: Know my Read More »

Turn the Page

As a child, I recall siting on my bedroom floor for hours on cold winter evenings listening to a collection of children’s story books. Each book contained a single 78 RPM vinyl record inside its cover. As the record was played, the story, complete with captivating sound effects, would come to life. As the narrator would begin reading, I became fully absorbed and entered the story. After each page of the printed text was read, a little bell would sound and the narrator would announce, “Turn the page.” If I became absorbed in a story picture or failed to turn Read More »