Marriage Ministry

Pre-Marriage Counseling

This is a service provided by the pastoral care team and approved mentors to members of Weaverland Mennonite Church and others looking to build a foundation for a Christian marriage.  This is a six session program of premarital training regarding the couple’s future life together.  Topics discussed include: finances and budgeting, family history, healthy sexuality and planning for the marriage ceremony.  Weaverland Mennonite Church also requires engaged couples to attend Engaged Encounter together as part of the pre-marriage counseling.

Post-Marriage Support/REFOCCUS

The  marriage mentoring support program at WMC is designed for those in the congregation who seek help with issues within their marriage or simply want to strengthen their marriage.  This REFOCCUS program uses highly effective, eye opening materials to help provide insight into marital struggles of many shapes and forms.  After meeting with the lead pastor, the program is carried out by the appointed, trained mentor couple who is held to confidentiality regarding the couple they are mentoring. Additional professional outside counseling may sometimes be recommended.

Couples/Marriage Retreat

The purpose of the WMC marriage retreat is to provide opportunity for married couples to get away from the routine day-to-day lifestyle and reflect on God’s plan for families and develop Godly husband / wife relationships, to provide proficient Christ-like teaching, related to marriage and family issues, and to provide networking opportunities for couples who also have a desire to build strong Christian homes and families.  This retreat occurs every other year.