Care & Ministry for Women

A team of qualified women have been commissioned to provide care-giving, support, and peer counseling for other women in the congregation.  This can be one-on-one chats over coffee, prayer support, and addressing other heart-felt needs.  The commissioned women also are a part of the pastoral care team at Weaverland.  Meet the Women’s Care Team members at HERE.

Ladies Retreat

2014 January Ladies Retreat 025The purpose of the Weaverland ladies retreat is to provide opportunity for women of all ages, married and single, to step aside from the day-to-day-routine, hustle and bustle of life, and reflect on their relationships with God and others. It is also designed to help build and strengthen relationships among women from all age groups and marital status, that will carry over into regular church family life. This retreat occurs every other year, typically in January.

Mother & Daughter Banquet

This is a yearly banquet filled with many opportunities for mothers and daughters to develop their relationships in a setting that offers spiritual input.  There is lots of time for fun fellowship with family and friends. This banquet is usually held in May.