Why do you demand a sign? Faith is often blind

We trust Jesus with or without a “sign.” At times in each of our journeys, knowledge and reason reach their limits. We can still rest in child-like trust in the arms of Jesus.  Text: Mark 8: 1-26

Why Are you so afraid? Facing our giants

The Sea of Galilee can be a beautiful, calm, peaceful place. It can also quickly become a tempest of life-threatening proportions, which is what it was for Jesus disciples on this night. The storm was real. They are afraid for their lives. Jesus understands those fears. With a probing question he invites them to go beyond their fears to trust in Him. In the storms of life faith grows stronger when we are captivated by the power and glory of Jesus.  Text: Matthew 14:22-33

What are you looking for? 2020, a new decade

Jesus posed over one hundred different questions throughout the Gospels. In this series “Questions Jesus Asked Us,” eight questions will be explored. As this new decade begins, a timely ask is, “What are you looking for?” Consider this timeless question and its application today.  Text:  John 1:19-39

Of Saints & Sinners…Worship the King who Transforms

The events that occur after the birth of Jesus offer a graphic picture into the mission of Jesus. Magi from the east come bearing gifts. They seek the child-king. They also stir up the ire of king Herod. What follows is a horrible scene that presses us deep into the evil mess which Jesus has come to redeem. Text: Matthew 2:1-23

Of Saints & Sinners…Immanuel enters the messiness

Consider again, the Word becoming flesh, wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger. For Christ to leave perfection and enter our messiness, indeed, Christmas is Wonderful…a story only God could write.  Text: Matthew 1:16-25; Isaiah 9:6-7

Of Saints and Sinners: The Names that Surprise Us

The often overlooked genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel includes five women. Why does Matthew break with tradition to include these women? Could it be that these women, like the men, offer vital clues about Jesus mission and the kinds of people Jesus came to restore to life? I think it is this, and more.  Text: Matthew 1:1-17 (esp. v. 3, 5, 6b and 16)


Of Saints & Sinners…When Royalty Fails

Part 2 of Advent Series, “Of Saints and Sinners.” We will look at the children of Israel’s decision to want a king.  Some of the kings served the Lord well and others were very evil.  Text: 1 Samuel 8:1- 9 ; 17-20, Matthew 1: 6 – 11