The Slog

Everyday life and faith…even among friends can be incredibly difficult, and, at times is a hard slog. Consider a fresh reminder with great promise as told in a parable of Jesus for all who “slog forward” and persist in faith.  Text: Luke 11:5-13

The Pandemic of Guilt, Shame, Fear and the 3-D Gospel

How should we respond to our current pandemics? Consider how we become agents of sabotage penetrating the very gates of hell with The Good News of Jesus as the Kingdom of God is expanded in the hearts, the thoughts, the relationships and the lifestyles of those previously avoided, overlooked and despised by the world and the church. Text: Ephesians 1:17-21, 3:16-19

The Oil of the Jesus Centered Life

In life and in faith, we offer our container to the Lord. As occurred for the widow in Elisha’s day, the Lord will provide more than enough oil! Consider, what does it mean to be be continually filled with a Jesus Centered Oil.  Text: 2 Kings 4:1-7, 2 Corinthians 4:7-12

Worst of Sinners

Paul’s Damascus Road Experience – everything changed for Paul when he encountered Christ. Amazing that the apostle Paul would consider himself the “worst of sinners”!  What has been your Damascus Road experience, and how will you allow that to propel you forward into Christ’s service?  Text: I Timothy 1:12-17

Storm at Sea and Unstoppable Mission

To be passionately persuaded is to see and with the eyes of faith to believe that all of Scripture, and all of life’s circumstances point to the saving, restoring purpose of God in Jesus. Text: Acts 27:1-28:30

Defense and Deferment

To be passionately persuaded is to surrender all earthly power, position, and fame to entrust oneself to the truth and reasonableness of Jesus.  Text: Acts 24:1-26:32

Riot & Rescue

To be passionately persuaded is to lean into the purposes and promises of God above any and all religious hostilities and even friendly political powers.  Text: Acts 21:18-23:35

Leadership and Suffering

To be passionately persuaded is to be willing to suffer for the sake of following Jesus and leading others in the way of Jesus.  Text: Acts 20:1-21:17

Disturbance & Miracles

To be passionately persuaded is to look for the miracles/stories only God can write (i.e.: Justus and Crispus; the riot in Ephesus) in the seemingly chaotic “disturbances” of life in a fallen world.  Text: Acts 18:1-19:41