S’MORE Electives

Want to go deeper and learn more? S’More is a set of electives that will be offered in February and March to allow persons to dig into relevant topics and issues we are facing. Seating is limited, so sign up for a seat in one of the three elective courses! More information on these electives is available below.

Tuesdays, February 15th to March 22nd, 6:45-8:15pm
at Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community

Jesus and Culture

Developing a Biblical World & Life View

Critical Race Theory (CRT), Political Polarization, Black Lives Matter, and the general deconstruction of cultural norms present in our culture today represent distinctly different worldviews in conflict. Where do worldviews start, how do they differ from one another, and how do followers of Jesus learn to discern what is good and true to engage redemptively in our fallen world?

Come prepared to learn with experienced educator, teacher, and professor Dr. Martha MacCullough. Marti initiated and has administrated teacher education programs in Christian higher education for Lancaster Bible College and for over 30 years at Cairn University. She served as director of Cairn’s summer international campuses in Germany, Hong Kong, and Brazil. She is a teacher of teachers and the author of several books, including Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Education (ACSI: 2016).

Jesus and Sexuality

Three Personal Journeys

Benji, Dawson, and David share their individual stories of faithfulness to Jesus and the Scriptures and finding redemptive community in the church. Facilitated by Pastor Al Stoltzfus with Pastor Benji Martin, this class will better equip a faithful church to reach a broken humanity. Benji is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College and serves as Lead Pastor of Timberline Church in Strasburg, PA. He and his wife Melody make their home in southern Lancaster County where they care deeply for the heart of its people and the truth of the gospel.

Jesus and the Spirit World

Spiritual Warfare for Everyday Followers of Jesus

Jesus and the Spirit World: Spiritual Warfare for Everyday followers of Jesus. Rooted in the Scriptures, this course is designed to help followers of Jesus recognize and overcome the schemes of Satan. Roberta Dimick brings extensive experience to this subject as a pastor’s wife and as a counselor and trainer of counselors specializing in response, rescue, recovery, and restoration ministry. She is the founding director of Living Hope Counseling Center (Gap, PA) a ministry which aides in recovery from specific traumas of ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse (RA and SRA), including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Contact Al Stoltzfus with questions: alstoltzfus@weaverland.org