August 9th Sermon Outline for Download

On Sunday, August 9th, Ken Martin will share the message “Thanks for Being a Pastor and Shepherd” from throughout the Psalms. You can download the sermon outline below.

July 26th Sermon Outline

On Sunday, July 26th, Pastor Rodney Horst will share the message “Faith and Its Actions” from James 2:14-26. The sermon outline is available for download below!

July 12th Sermon Outline for Download

Below you will find the sermon outline for download for the July 12th sermon titled, “What Favoritism is and Why it is Wrong” from James 2:1-13″.

June 28th Sermon Outline for Download

Pastor Al Stoltzfus will share the message “How People of Faith Respond to Trials” from James 1:1-18. Download the outline for the sermon below!

VBS Response Card available electronically

Below you will find a downloadable version of the response card used in the Tuesday evening adult VBS session. Feel free to use this card as you reflect on what God is saying to you this week through Vacation Bible School!

“Faith That Moves:” sermon series on James 1-3 starting June 28th

June 28th: How People Respond to Trials — James 1:1-18July 5th: Doing the Word — James 1:19-27July 12th: What Favoritism Is and Why it is Wrong — James 2:1-13July 19th: The Most Dangerous Beast in the World — James 3:1-18July 26th: Faith and its Actions — James 2:14-26 Coming August 23rd to September 20th, Five Lies that Ruin Relationships from James chapters 4 and 5.