Our Worship

Living for Jesus Every Day

That is at the core of what we want to be. Every day, all day, faithful, learning, growing, serving.

We come together from our classrooms, offices, neighborhoods, families, homes, work places and we assemble as a community. Real people from real places looking out for each other.

We sing together, we pray for each other and our world, we encourage each other as we are  encouraged by others. We tell our stories, the good, the not good and the mediocre. Our pastors teach, guide, challenge and even admonish us as we dig deep to understand the God we worship, the Holy Scriptures and the historical church. We are shaped by the Jesus in the New Testament and pursue relevance for our lives in how he lived and what he taught.

We are sent knowing we are not walking alone for though our paths take us across varied landscapes we traverse the terrain with the confidence we are traveling with the only True God and a network of caring people as we embark on another week of Living for Jesus Every Day.