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The Slog

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: difficulty, Faithfulness, Persistence

Everyday life and faith…even among friends can be incredibly difficult, and, at times is a hard slog. Consider a fresh reminder with great promise as told in a parable of Jesus for all who “slog forward” and persist in faith.  Text: Luke 11:5-13


Storm at Sea and Unstoppable Mission

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Bread and Cup of the Lord's Supper, mission, storms

To be passionately persuaded is to see and with the eyes of faith to believe that all of Scripture, and all of life’s circumstances point to the saving, restoring purpose of God in Jesus. Text: Acts 27:1-28:30


Riot & Rescue

Speaker: Brian Martin

To be passionately persuaded is to lean into the purposes and promises of God above any and all religious hostilities and even friendly political powers.  Text: Acts 21:18-23:35


Disturbance & Miracles

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: disturbances, miracles

To be passionately persuaded is to look for the miracles/stories only God can write (i.e.: Justus and Crispus; the riot in Ephesus) in the seemingly chaotic “disturbances” of life in a fallen world.  Text: Acts 18:1-19:41



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: deceit, false teachers, spirits, Truth

Life’s questions are increasingly difficult and complex. Today, opinion and sound bites can quickly translate to false teaching. What does it mean to “test the spirits?” Consider how such testing applies amidst the many voices of a conflicted world.  Text: 1 John 3:18-4:6


How a Conflict Advances Mission

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: conflict, Grace, mission

The good, the bad, and the ugly is revealed in the early church throughout Acts. This included conflict and disagreement. In #3 of 4, “Messy People, Faithful Church,” consider everyday applications for navigating personal differences while staying on mission.


Prayer Still shakes the heavenlies

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: intercession, victory, warfare

Despite earnest prayer, life may remain incredibly hard. Is it just coincidence or might an unseen spiritual battle be raging? Consider takeaways from Daniel how a spiritual battle was won in the heavenlies because of persevering prayer.  Text: Daniel 10: 1-19


The Little Dipper and a Big God

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Obedience

Many times, what God asks of us may make little sense. However, even in the simple asks of God, obedience makes way for God’s best. Consider how a simple ask of God required the “all in” obedience of a powerful military man.  Text: 2 Kings 5:1-14