Brian Martin

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The “messiness” of Jesus Genealogy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: brokeness, family, messiness, redeemed

Part 1 of Advent Series, “Of Saints And Sinners”. How God chose to enter the human story is miraculous. The messy family tree through which God chose to enter is equally miraculous. In #1 of 5 of the Christmas series, consider the wonder of Immanuel entering our story through saints and sinners.  Text: Matthew 1:1-5, 21


The Ask

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: persuaded, Salvation, Witness

One of the greatest responsibilities of the Christian witness is “the ask.” Consider how Paul honored his faith and relationship through “the ask.”  Text: Acts 26:19-32


The Devil’s Favorite Color

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: darkness, deception, light, Truth

Did you ever wonder what the devils favorite color might be? Consider how spiritual attentiveness guards one against the subtle “go to” color most often used by Satan.  Text: 2 Peter 3:1-17


Much more than puppets in the story of God

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: evil, Faith, suffering

#3 of 4 in Series:  When Life is Hard and God Seem Cruel

When life is hard and God seems cruel, our reality may appear like a puppet on a string. In this third of four messages, despite evil and suffering, consider how we are much more than puppets- we are participants in God’s story.  Text: Hebrews 11


Sitting with uncomfortable questions…as did Job

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: evil, mystery, questions, suffering

#2 of 4 in Series:  When Life is Hard and God Seems Cruel

The story of Job is filled with mystery and wonder-especially of evil, suffering, and the sovereignty of God. Consider how this incredible book is not about suffering–it is a story about God.  Text:  Job 1:1-2:13


Evil, suffering & the crisis of faith…even in Gethsemane

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: evil, Grace, redemption, suffering

#1 of 4 in Series:  When Life is Hard and God Seem Cruel

“Where is God!? This timeless question continues to cry for an answer amidst a world filled with evil and suffering. The first of four messages will explore this faith tension of God’s redeeming presence even as one experiences the felt abandonment of God.  Text: Luke 22:39-45


Creating healthy margins…as a Christ follower

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: refreshment, rest

The three years of Christ’s earthly ministry were incredibly busy. While in the midst of intense busyness, consider how Jesus boldly models holy rest and invites us to join Him.                                 Text: Matthew 11:25-30


His Eye is on the Sparrow

Speaker: Rodney Horst
Topics: God's Presence, God's promises, God's watchful care

Throughout life we may feel discouraged as we face troubles and difficult times. Yet we can know that God is always with us and watching over us just as his eye is on the sparrow. We can rest in the promises of God in Psalm 139 and throughout scripture as we face these uncertainties of life.  Text: Matt. 10:29-31, Psalm 139