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The Frustrations of Prayer

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: Faith, God's goodness, Persistence, prayer, Trust

Jesus teaches us to pray boldly with the expectation that God our Father delights to give his beloved children all that is good for them. As we pray, we can be confident in the goodness of God. God’s timing can frustrate us, and yet it is an unexpected part of His goodness as we discover from the Israelites, Abraham and Sarah, Joseph and Elijah.  Text: Luke 11:5-13; 1 Kings 18


A Study of the Hebrew Tabernacle

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: atonement, Grace, holiness

The infinitely Holy God comes to dwell among the people of Israel.   Text: Hebrews 9, Exodus 25-27, Leviticus 24:1-9


The Dead are Judged

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: Great White Throne

The final judgement will seal the eternal destiny of each one of us. Thanks to Jesus,we can come to this day without any fear!!  Text:Revelation 20:11-15


Making Marriage Work

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: committment

Observations from 50 years of marriage, and lessons learned along the way.  Text:  Genesis 1:24


The Wonder of Jesus

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: Christ, incarnation

We will consider the Person of Jesus, briefly note his life, ministry and teaching among us. Text: John 1:1-2


John’s Vision of Heaven’s Throne Room

Speaker: Leon Hurst
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John sees a throne in heaven and One seated upon it with a sealed scroll which the “Lion of the tribe of Judah” was to open soon. Text:  Revelation 4-5


Lessons from the Patriarchs

Speaker: Leon Hurst
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Lessons learned from the patriarchs and their imperfections. Text: Genesis


A Christian View of Death

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: Death, Separation

Adam and Eve died (were separated) from God when they ate the forbidden fruit, yet lived on physically.  The process of death took many years, however.  Lazarus (in Luke 16) and the rich man were both alert, aware and conscious after dying!  Text:  Philippians 1:21