Phase 2 Guidelines for all On-Site Activity at Weaverland

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On-site 8:00 and 10:30 Worship Services and Ministries and Activities at Weaverland

Objective: In a Covid-19 world, provide an opportunity for Weaverland worshippers to meet on-site in a manner that is safe, respectful, and honoring through appropriate guidelines that serve one another and promote a Christ-like witness to our community.

Effective date: June 21, 2020, updated July 2, 2020

Protocol and Guidelines

  1. If you or a family member have a cough, slight fever, or, if in the past three weeks were exposed to someone with signs of COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME!
  2. On-site worship at Weaverland must be understood as optional or supplemental. We love, honor, and respect ALL persons equally whether worshipping remotely or worshipping on-site. Livestream and phone call-in will continue.
  3. Persons at risk, persons whose occupation includes at-risk exposure, and those persons who are uncomfortable worshipping on-site, you are encouraged and blessed to continue worshipping remotely. Older persons may want to consult with their physician or family before participating on-site.
  4. Social distancing: Please honor and respect the recommended six-foot social distancing.
  5. Handshakes, hugs, and personal touch are strongly discouraged.  
  6. Seating: In the sanctuary every other bench will be closed. We suggest no more than four adults from two different family units per bench. Families are encouraged to sit together to maximize seating capacity and minimize risk.
  7. Masks: On-site participants are strongly encouraged to wear masks while entering, exiting, or utilizing common areas. When seated for worship, as distancing is practiced in the sanctuary, masks can be removed.
  8. Restrooms: All restrooms are open. Persons are strongly encouraged to wash hands BEFORE and AFTER restroom use.
  9. Water fountains remain closed. Bring your own water bottle if needed.
  10. Coffee/hot drinks will be available and provided by staff in the Garden. 
  11. Children’s nursery will be open but remain unstaffed.
  12. All on-site ministries and activities resume (i.e. Blaze, Keegan, Kindle, Men of the Morning, Sewing Circle, Friendship Circle, etc.)  
    • Small group ministries can resume meetings on-site.  
  13. Offerings: Giving stations remain at the east and west sanctuary exits.
    • Online and mail-in giving options will continue.
    • No offering bucket will be passed in the service. 
  14. Livestream and phone call-in will continue to be provided weekly.  
  15. Weekly cleaning includes intentional sanitizing of high-touch areas. 
  16. Sunday school class activity remain on hold within the facilities.
  17. All children’s ministry including Spark Pre-k and Spark K-3 remain on hold.
  18. No fellowship meals or ministries involving the Food Services Committee are provided.
  19. Library remains closed.
  20. No rentals