Reopening Plan and Guidelines

Beginning On-site 8:00 and 10:30 Worship Services and Phased Ministries and Activities at Weaverland

Objective: In a Covid-19 world, provide an opportunity for Weaverland worshippers to meet on-site in a manner that is safe, respectful, and honoring through appropriate guidelines that serve one another and promote a Christ-like witness to our community.

Effective date: May 24, 2020

Protocol and Guidelines

  • On-site worship at Weaverland must be understood as optional or supplemental. We love, honor, and respect ALL persons equally whether worshipping remotely or worshipping on-site. Livestream and phone call-in will continue.
  • If you or a family member have a cough, slight fever, or, if in the past three weeks were exposed to someone with signs of COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME!
  • Persons at risk, persons whose occupation includes at-risk exposure, and those persons who are uncomfortable worshipping on-site, you are encouraged and blessed to continue worshipping remotely. Older persons may want to consult with their physician or family before participating on-site. 
  • Social distancing: Please honor and respect the recommended six-foot social distancing. Handshakes, hugs, and personal touch are strongly discouraged.  
  • Masks: On-site participants are strongly encouraged to wear masks while entering, exiting, or utilizing common areas. When seated for worship, masks can be removed.
  • Worship seating: Families are strongly encouraged to sit together. This will minimize mitigation risks while maximizing seating capacity.
  • Every other bench will be closed. With respect to distancing, we strongly suggest no more than four adults from two different family units per bench.   
  • Restrooms will be open in the Main Lobby, 100 level, and family restroom in the nursery wing. Persons are strongly encouraged to wash hands BEFORE and AFTER restroom use.
  • Water fountains will be closed. Bring your own water bottle if needed.
  • Coffee/hot drinks will not be available. Bring your own coffee if desired. 
  • Closed Areas: To minimize sanitizing efforts after each service, the following areas will be closed: library, all classrooms, all 200 and 400 levels. 
  • Sunday school/children’s ministry: There will be no Sunday school or children’s ministry. The nursery will be open but remain unstaffed.
  • Greeters: All access doors will be staffed and opened by gloved greeters. The key word to minimize risk and to reduce sanitizing efforts is touchless—avoid touching people or property.                     
  • Fellowship: While we encourage fellowship after each service, we request the sanctuary be vacated fifteen minutes after dismissal (9:30 and 12:00) so volunteers can sanitize the worship space.