Messages about blessing


Arms Wide Open

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, Resurrection, risen

HE IS RISEN! On this Easter morn, consider how the posture of Christ on the cross continues after the resurrection-arms wide open!  Text: Luke 24:36-50


Lessons of the lad

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, Faith, Fear, parenting

Today’s parent can be overwhelmed given the challenges they face. Consider how the young lad with his small lunch, facing the overwhelming crowd of five-thousand connects to faithful parenting today.  Text: John 6:1-14


The tongue…and the Lordship of Christ

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, cursing, tongue

The power the human tongue wields is staggering in its capacity to express life-giving blessing or death-declaring curses. Consider God’s desire to place this small yet powerful instrument under the Lordship of Christ.  Text: James 3:1-18


My Boat and Me

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, Fatherhood, Identity, Obedience

Self-understanding, good or bad, forms one’s identity and purpose in all of life. Allowing Christ to enter our boat (identity) can transform and release authentic identity in Christ. Text: Luke 5:1-11