Messages about church


What are we celebrating?

Speaker: Ken Martin
Topics: church, footwashing, relationships

What are we celebrating today? Relation Celebration is celebrating the privilege of being part of the family of God. Part of the celebration is the practice of washing one another’s feet.  Our goal is to nurture good relationships that are founded on a vital relationship with Jesus.  Text:  John 13:14


Why I Have Hope for the Church

Speaker: Ken Martin
Topics: church, Faith, Hope

A reason to have hope within the church today! Text: Matthew 16:18


Minding the Bubble

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: church, Faith, margins, politics, Witness

Description: Global and political realities can frame one’s worldview and create an unhealthy Christ-like witness. Consider God’s passionate call to “mind the bubble” …even in a politically charged and volatile culture.  Text: Isaiah 58:1-14