Messages about cursing


The Most Dangerous Beast in the World

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, cursing, the tongue

As the strength of a horse can be controlled by a bridle and a large ship turned by a small rudder, likewise, the human tongue is small but powerful. Uncontrolled, its fire can set a forest ablaze and its poison is deadly. In the “Faith that Moves” series, consider God’s redeeming grace through the tongue of everyday Christ-followers.  Text: James 3:1-18


Needed Words

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, cursing, hatred, racism

Racism is evil and real. The capacity to hate others—persons made in the very image of God—crouches at the door of every human heart. Consider needed words all Christ followers must own.  Text: Deuteronomy 30: 11-20


The tongue…and the Lordship of Christ

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, cursing, tongue

The power the human tongue wields is staggering in its capacity to express life-giving blessing or death-declaring curses. Consider God’s desire to place this small yet powerful instrument under the Lordship of Christ.  Text: James 3:1-18