Messages about expectation


Receive the Gift of Christmas…JOY

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: expectation, joy

Joy is not the first word one might choose to describe 2020. So it was in the first century. However, at just the right time–joy came. Consider again the gift of Christmas in the Christ of Christmas.  Text: Luke 1:26-45


Of Saints & Sinners…Worship the King who Transforms

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: expectation, the cross, Worship

The events that occur after the birth of Jesus offer a graphic picture into the mission of Jesus. Magi from the east come bearing gifts. They seek the child-king. They also stir up the ire of king Herod. What follows is a horrible scene that presses us deep into the evil mess which Jesus has come to redeem. Text: Matthew 2:1-23


Carrying Christ

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: expectation, Humility, miracle, pregnant, rejoice

Imagine the privilege of carrying the promised Savior of the world in your womb. As this Child grew within her, Mary “arose and went with haste” to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Consider, again, the wonder of Christmas; as did Mary, we also are invited to carry the Savior of the world within us.  Text:  Luke 1:39-56