Messages about Faithfulness


The Squeeze of the narrow way

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: committment, cost, Faithfulness, risk

The way of Jesus will “squeeze” all who choose to walk its narrow path. Yet, often times, the squeeze comes unexpectedly. In 2021, the squeeze is very real. Consider necessary applications to faithfully navigate the path of Christ.  Text: Mark 10:32-45


Restored Faithfulness

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: Faithfulness, family life, Marriage, Worship

Faithfulness is integral to the character of God. This quality of faithfulness is what God desires in the most intimate of human relationships, between and husband and wife in the home. To restore a heart of worship, we must guard our affections by grounding our actions and behavior in the character and faithfulness of God.  Text: Malachi 2:10-16


The sons of Issachar

Topics: Faithfulness, Hope, Obedience

It is important that the church not only understands the times in which we live, but also how to respond appropriately. WayLife Community pastor, Michael Deckman, shares what God has been revealing to his congregation during these days of unrest.  Text: 2 Chronicles 12:32


Giants that God still seeks

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: courage, Faithfulness, Fatherhood, giants

The fear of giants can keep one from the promised land. This is exactly what unfolds among the twelve spies—except for two, who became spiritual giants. On this Father’s Day, and in our world today, consider how God still seeks such giants.  Text: Numbers 13:26-14:9


Be still and know that God is God

Topics: change, Faith, Faithfulness

We can get blindsided by change in any area of our lives, so we put our faith in God, who is our refuge. With our faith in God, we can rest knowing that God is in control.  Text: Psalm 46


God is for you!

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faithfulness, Grace, journey

“God is for you” easily becomes a nice-sounding cliche. Is it true? Consider this Old Testament story which provides applications for today at how far God will go to prove this truth.  Text: Number 22:22-35


Keeping Perspective…in the Battle

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faithfulness, perseverance, victory

Life is VERY hard. When in the thick of spiritual battle and everyday life, keeping perspective can be difficult. Consider God’s heart and perspective for the church in such times.  Text: Revelation 21:1-8


Pursuing the Presence of God in Times of Despair

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: despair, Faithfulness

Can we trust that God will be present with us in each step of life’s uncertain journey? Indeed, we can because we have a mediator in Jesus Christ.   Text:Exodus 33:1-23.