Messages about Fear


Lessons of the lad

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, Faith, Fear, parenting

Today’s parent can be overwhelmed given the challenges they face. Consider how the young lad with his small lunch, facing the overwhelming crowd of five-thousand connects to faithful parenting today.  Text: John 6:1-14


What’s in a Name? – Week 4 – Emmanuel

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Emmanuel, Fear, presence

The Christmas story is often romanticized and the images we hold may be far from a first century reality. A name of Christ in this story is “God with us” which carries significant meaning one must consider. Text: Matthew 1:18-25


Unlock and Breathe in the Resurrection

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Fear, Life, Peace, Resurrection

The Good News of Christ’s resurrection was announced, yet the disciples remained behind locked doors. Consider how the resurrected Christ entered this fear-filled space and breathed resurrection power on the disciples, a gift which continues for all who believe. Text:  John 21:19-31


REAL Doubt

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: doubt, Faith, Fear, Hope

The miracle of Christmas included everyday people of faith…filled with doubt and fear. Consider how doubts surrounding the first Christmas give application for the miracle of Christmas today.  Text: Luke 1:5-18, 57-66


Pillow God

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faith, Fear, Lord, Saviour, storms

Who is Jesus? Jesus is easily minimized to a “pillow God” on which we call out to in storms. Consider how the disciples fear increased even as the storm ceased as Jesus is declared “LORD.” Text: Mark 4:35-41


Experiencing God’s Presence in the Midst of Fear

Speaker: Don Weaver
Topics: Fear, God's Presence, Trust

Fear is a natural response to events and circumstances in life.  We all experience it.  The choice we need to make is how we respond to fear.  Do we choose to allow Satan’s lies to permeate our thinking and end up worrying, or do we choose to trust God in the midst of the fear and experience His presence in a very real way as He carries us through?  Text:  Psalm 56:3