Messages about Generosity


Restored Giving

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: attitude, complaining, Generosity, honor

A key characteristic of God is radical generosity. Human nature is to withhold generosity in worship–which includes giving. However, a window into God’s heart reveals a treasure easily overlooked.  Text: Malachi 3:6-18


Celebrating Radical Generosity

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: authenticity, Generosity, mission, money, Tithe, Worship

The solution to a life that is leaning away from God is to return to God, and one of the ways we return is through our giving. Giving is an expression of worship which reflects trust in God’s steadfast love and gracious provision in Jesus. Where the Old Testament speaks of a tithe, the New Testament looks to the self-giving, sacrificial love of Jesus inviting us into a life of generous giving.Text: 2 Corinthians 8:1-15; 9:6-15; Psalm 24:1