Messages about Hope


A Song of Security

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: discipleship, Hope, security

A look to the hills for help ends in disappointment. For all their stunning beauty and majesty, for all their quiet strength and firmness, they are in the end just hills. Faith’s vision stretches beyond the hills to the God who made the hills, the Lord of heaven and earth. In the Lord God is security and hope for the long journey of discipleship.  Text: Psalm 121


When You Feel Like Shouting at God

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Hope, hopelessness

It is natural to romanticize the stories of the Scriptures. However, the raw reality of human experience reveals even the disciples shouting at God. Consider similar applications within our own story.  Text: Mark 4:33-41


Why I Have Hope for the Church

Speaker: Ken Martin
Topics: church, Faith, Hope

A reason to have hope within the church today! Text: Matthew 16:18


REALly Good News

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: good news, Hope

As we stand on the threshold of a New Year and see the world, sometimes we forget the good news is Good News. The shepherd’s world was not unlike our world…yet God entrusted them with a message entrusted only to angels.  Text: Luke 2:8-20


REAL Doubt

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: doubt, Faith, Fear, Hope

The miracle of Christmas included everyday people of faith…filled with doubt and fear. Consider how doubts surrounding the first Christmas give application for the miracle of Christmas today.  Text: Luke 1:5-18, 57-66


Weaverland and me…offering healing, hope and WHOLENESS through Jesus Christ”

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: healing, Hope, wholeness

Text: Acts 9:18-19, 1 Corinthians 1:26-2:5


An Anchor For the Soul

Speaker: Nevin Hurst
Topics: Hope, Salvation, Trust

God swore a promise to Abraham in Genesis. The writer of Hebrews makes a point about that promise that strengthens the faith of all believers, and simultaneously points to Jesus, the author of our salvation.  Text:  Hebrews 6:13-20