Messages about Jesus


Defense and Deferment

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: civil authority, Faith, Jesus, mission

To be passionately persuaded is to surrender all earthly power, position, and fame to entrust oneself to the truth and reasonableness of Jesus.  Text: Acts 24:1-26:32


Untrained and Filled

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: community, Gospel, Holy Spirit, Jesus

One man’s physical healing becomes a picture of the salvation offered to all in Jesus (Acts 3). Though untrained, Peter and John were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke boldly in the name of Jesus. In spite of fierce opposition, multitudes of men and women were added to the Lord as the church was on the road to the ends of the earth. Text: Acts 3-5


Why Are you so afraid? Facing our giants

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: Faith, Fear, Jesus

The Sea of Galilee can be a beautiful, calm, peaceful place. It can also quickly become a tempest of life-threatening proportions, which is what it was for Jesus disciples on this night. The storm was real. They are afraid for their lives. Jesus understands those fears. With a probing question he invites them to go beyond their fears to trust in Him. In the storms of life faith grows stronger when we are captivated by the power and glory of Jesus.  Text: Matthew 14:22-33


Why God’s Good News is so Exciting-1st Service

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: Baptism, Faith, good news, Jesus, Obedience

The story of Jesus is God’s Good News. It is a story of restoration that becomes our story “by faith.” God’s good news in Jesus is good news for all people. It solves a problem we all have and gives us something we do not have but which we all need.  Text: Romans 1:1-17


Jesus, Jesus, the name of Jesus

Topics: Jesus, Power, Real living
Inviting all to let Jesus renew us. His name, his life can give us new life. Jesus!!  Text:  Acts 4:10