Messages about joy



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: happiness, joy, success, wealth

Where the world measurers success according to accumulated wealth, power, and possessions, Jesus defines success in terms of who we serve and what we value most.  Text: Matthew 6:19-24; 16:23-26


Divine Rescue – From Misery to Joy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Grace, joy, redemption, restoration

God is at work restoring and redeeming lives through the loyal-love of ordinary people which finds its greatest expression in Jesus.  T ext: Ruth 4:1-22


Receive the Gift of Christmas…JOY

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: expectation, joy

Joy is not the first word one might choose to describe 2020. So it was in the first century. However, at just the right time–joy came. Consider again the gift of Christmas in the Christ of Christmas.  Text: Luke 1:26-45


The grass is greener on the other side (Lie #5)

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: covet, happiness, holiness, joy

Since the beginning, the lie of discontentment fosters covetousness and ruins relationships. In the final session of this series, consider everyday practices which guards our heart, honors God, others, and self.  Text: James 5:7-12


Rejoice Always, Really?

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: anxiety, joy, nearness of God, Trust

The Covid-19 pandemic has us social isolating with no clear end in sight. Those unable to work are feeling stressed, those who are working–especially on the front lines in health care–are also stressed, but for very different reasons. As followers of Jesus we need more than ever to know that God is near. Because we are “in the Lord” we can rejoice. Really!  Text: Philippians 4: 4-9


Why do you worry? Stewarding joy and energy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: anxiety, joy, Life, worry

Worry is a thief which delights in robbing Christ-followers of joy and energy. Jesus asks his audience a pointed spiritual question, “Why do you worry?” It takes courage to genuinely hear this question. Consider how Jesus gives a freeing perspective over the stronghold of worry.  Text: Matthew 5:24-34


A Song of Community Gladness

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: belonging, Christian home, community, joy, Worship

We all have within us a need to worship and a need to belong. These essential human needs find their truest expression in the structure and secure relationships of a Christ-centered home and in the community of a God-honoring, Christ-following, worshiping, and praising people. When worship shapes family life, and family life shapes worship we extend our reach for Christ.  Text: Psalm 122


Real CHRISTmas

Topics: Christmas, inner peace, joy, love

We will look again at the Christmas story as our source of peace,  joy and love. What is the real Christmas spirit?  Knowing that the Christ is truth and that he is the Son of God and he is God.  Text: Matt 1:21, Luke 2:7, John 1:4,12,14.