Messages about Life


Grace for Life

Speaker: Eric Marshall
Topics: freedom, Grace, Life

Grace is a free gift that God gives us, but it is also a responsibility. Such a free gift, if misunderstood, can lead to abuse. Some might think they can now sin as they please because grace abounds to the sinner. But God’s grace enables the believer to live a new life.  Text: Philippians 2:12-13


Why do you worry? Stewarding joy and energy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: anxiety, joy, Life, worry

Worry is a thief which delights in robbing Christ-followers of joy and energy. Jesus asks his audience a pointed spiritual question, “Why do you worry?” It takes courage to genuinely hear this question. Consider how Jesus gives a freeing perspective over the stronghold of worry.  Text: Matthew 5:24-34


Unlock and Breathe in the Resurrection

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Fear, Life, Peace, Resurrection

The Good News of Christ’s resurrection was announced, yet the disciples remained behind locked doors. Consider how the resurrected Christ entered this fear-filled space and breathed resurrection power on the disciples, a gift which continues for all who believe. Text:  John 21:19-31


God is FOR Marriage & Family, Part 2

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: family, Life, Marriage, vitality

In today’s world, one might wonder if God is still for marriage and family given the opposition facing it. In Part 2, consider how God’s Word promises life and vitality within marriage and family through created and timeless applications.  Text: Ephesians 5:15-6:4


God is FOR Marriage & Family, Part 1

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: family, Life, Marriage, wholeness

In today’s world, one might wonder if God is still for marriage and family given the opposition facing it. Consider this two-part series assuring us that marriage and family was the crown jewel of creation which God continues to bless, redeem, and equip.  Text: Genesis 2:18-25, 7:1


From Stagnation to Reclamation

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: authenticity, healing, Life, restoration, wholeness

Spiritual life can become stagnate and easily blind us from our “dry bones.” As one is attentive to the Spirit, consider God’s heart to reclaim an abundant and authentic life experience.  Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14


The Gift of 168

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: fruitfulness, investment, Life, purpose

Jesus shares a story of a king giving the same gift to ten servants with instruction to “do business until I return.” Consider how this parable is a jolting reminder to spend our gift of 168 wisely. Text: Luke 19:11-27


RISEN!…7 miles in

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Life, Resurrection, risen

What does it mean to live into the resurrection? Consider two disciples walking seven miles and nearly missing the resurrected Christ walking with them. Text: Luke 24:13-35