Love of God

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More Than Conquerors

Speaker: Rodney Horst
Topics: Encouragement, Love of God, promise of God

Christ Jesus died and was raised to life. Following Easter where is he now, and what is he doing? Looking at Christ’s position in the heavenly realms. We fear suffering and trouble – but God says we are more than conquerors in all these things.  Text: Romans 8:28-39


Even The Mud Room!

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Holy Spirit, Love of God, Pentecost

Description: Imagine, God making his home with us, just as this text promises. Consider the significance of Pentecost and its impact for the followers of Jesus today. Text: John 14:15-27


Let’s Celebrate

Topics: Holiness of God, Love of God

On our Relationship Celebration Sunday, we’re going to focus primarily on our relationship with God. It’s quite different from the rest of our relationships. How do we relate to a holy, loving God? How do we respond? Text:  Exodus 19, Isaiah 55:8-9, I Peter 5:6