Messages about mercy


What favortism is and why it is wrong

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: excellence, favortism, mercy, unity

Favoritism and her cronies nepotism and racism project a toxic vibe that has no place in a community of Christ followers. In Christ, all people are welcomed equally regardless of dress, social standing, race, color, history, and even family connections. James, the brother of Jesus, invites us to examine carefully how we view and treat one another. God chooses to show mercy over favoritism. We too ought to choose mercy over favoritism.  Text: James 2:1-13; Galatians 3:26-29


Setting an extra plate…blessed are the merciful

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: honor, mercy, servant

The word “mercy” was counter-cultural in Jesus’ day just as it is today. Consider why this core beatitude must sharply distinguish Jesus’ followers from those who follow anything else.  Text: Matthew 5:7; 9:9-13; 12:1-8


Training in Transition

Speaker: Nevin Hurst
Topics: Faithfulness, mercy, transition

Times of transition can challenge even strong believers to not lose their faith in God and His goodness. Samuel’s message to the Israelites, after they appointed Saul as king, has some rich reminders of how to navigate change. Text: 1 Samuel 12:6-25