Messages about messiness


Of Saints & Sinners…Immanuel enters the messiness

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: gift, Immanuel, messiness, Salvation

Consider again, the Word becoming flesh, wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger. For Christ to leave perfection and enter our messiness, indeed, Christmas is Wonderful…a story only God could write.  Text: Matthew 1:16-25; Isaiah 9:6-7


Of Saints & Sinners…The “messiness” of Jesus Genealogy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: brokeness, family, messiness, redeemed

Part 1 of Advent Series, “Of Saints And Sinners”. How God chose to enter the human story is miraculous. The messy family tree through which God chose to enter is equally miraculous. In #1 of 5 of the Christmas series, consider the wonder of Immanuel entering our story through saints and sinners.  Text: Matthew 1:1-5, 21


In our messiness, belonging is essential–even in the Upper Room it was messy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Grace, messiness, story

As we consider our final measurable, one discovers that even in the upper room it was messy-yet a “God story” was being written. Consider the grace-filled invitation of Christ in this messy space.  Text: Acts 9:22, Luke 22:14-27