Messages about mission


Faithful obedience and action is normative

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: activity, community, mission, Obedience

Measurable 2 asks “Is Ananias on the road?” This pointed question tests obedience and action to God’s call in mission. As an Anabaptist community, consider why we must be accountable and evidence active engagement around this question.  Text: Acts 9:13-17; Romans 16:25-27



The God of Mission

Speaker: Steve Shank
Topics: mission

Text:  Genesis 12:1-3

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“Now You Go and Make”

Speaker: Steve Shank
Topics: mission

The Mission.  Text:  Matthew 28:18, John 14:16

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The Mission of Christ in a Cup of Water

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: call, discipleship, mission

Christ’s first miracle involved jugs of water. However, from there away Jesus used a cup of water to demonstrate true discipleship. Consider what the contrasts between the two might teach us today. Text: Matthew 10:27-42


Interrupting the Narrative

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: encountering, mission, seeing

Blind Bartimaeus exerted bold faith and interrupted the unfolding narrative around him. Doing so stopped Jesus in his tracks. Consider similar narratives we might interrupt and invite Jesus to rewrite. Text: Mark 10:46-52


Reimagining Our Message

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Holy Spirit, mission, Obedience, prejudice

The Holy Spirit must continually retool a prejudiced spirituality or our message will counter God’s mission. Consider how Peter needed to overcome spiritual prejudice and assumptions before God’s message could be authentically reimagined.  Text: Acts 10:1-33


Reimagining our Mission

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: distraction, mission, self

Jesus continually needed to reiterate His mission because even his closest followers kept getting distracted. Consider how this text names similar distractions today while gently inviting us to reimagine the mission of God.

Text: Matthew 17:22-18:14



Beyond our Bubble…Is Jesus Lord?

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: doubts, fears, mission, transformation

Consider how our “bubbles” limit or qualify the mission of God. Even John the Baptist questioned the Lordship of Christ from within his own bubble. Jesus reminds John, the mission of God was indeed unfolding, Jesus is Lord.   Text:  John 1: 29-36, Matthew 11:1-6