Messages about Obedience


Faithful obedience and action is normative

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: activity, community, mission, Obedience

Measurable 2 asks “Is Ananias on the road?” This pointed question tests obedience and action to God’s call in mission. As an Anabaptist community, consider why we must be accountable and evidence active engagement around this question.  Text: Acts 9:13-17; Romans 16:25-27



How do we read Scripture? A Christ-centered hermeneutic

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: Christ preeminent, Faith, fullness, Obedience

As followers of Jesus, we seek to interpret all of Scripture through the life, teaching, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and in faith follow Him as Savior and Lord. Only in following the preeminent Jesus do we discover the fullness of life as God intended.  Text: Colossians 1:15-23


Weaverland and me…extending our REACH for Christ

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Holy Spirit, Obedience, reach, risk

Can Saul’s still become Paul’s? Consider the risk a faithful disciple named Ananias invested and the REACH disciples can boldly extend today. Text:Acts 9:10-17


Reimagining Our Message

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Holy Spirit, mission, Obedience, prejudice

The Holy Spirit must continually retool a prejudiced spirituality or our message will counter God’s mission. Consider how Peter needed to overcome spiritual prejudice and assumptions before God’s message could be authentically reimagined.  Text: Acts 10:1-33


My Boat and Me

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, Fatherhood, Identity, Obedience

Self-understanding, good or bad, forms one’s identity and purpose in all of life. Allowing Christ to enter our boat (identity) can transform and release authentic identity in Christ. Text: Luke 5:1-11


Moving Straight & Forward!

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Topics: Commitment, decision, Obedience

Text: Joshua 6:20



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faith, Obedience, offering

God respected Abel’s offering but did not respect Cain’s offering. Why the difference? Consider how one carries their wallet, in the same way, also carries their worship and witness. Text: Genesis 4:1-12, Malachi 3:1-12


“Trust & Obey”

Speaker: Nevin Hurst
Topics: Obedience, Trust

Different persons in the Bible responded to God in obedience, even when asked to do things that didn’t make sense. How do we respond to God? Do we trust Him? Do we obey Him?  Text:  Luke 1, Matthew 1, Hebrews 1