Messages about presence


Dancing with anxiety

Topics: anxiety, Peace, presence

Today in Scripture, we meet a woman who danced with anxiety. We watch her, with eyes focused on Jesus, overcome her anxiety as she, with fear and trembling, shares her testimony in front of a large crowd. Let us draw strength from her example as we face anxiety in our own lives.  Text: Mark 5:21-34


Assuredly, Jesus sit at our table…TODAY!

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: assurance, comfort, Peace, presence

The concerns and fears of COVID-19 touches all of us. However, we can be assured that Jesus is at the table with us. Consider applications from the upper room as Jesus stayed at the table during the darkest hour.  Text: Luke 22:7-20


What’s in a Name? – Week 4 – Emmanuel

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Emmanuel, Fear, presence

The Christmas story is often romanticized and the images we hold may be far from a first century reality. A name of Christ in this story is “God with us” which carries significant meaning one must consider. Text: Matthew 1:18-25


Making Space for God to Work

Topics: presence, rest

While we live in a busy world with many things appealing for our attention, scripture reminds us to allow space for God to work in and through us!!


God With Us

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: gift, Immanuel, presence

God becoming flesh as a human is difficult to grasp. Yet the very name of the Child means “God with us.” Consider again the gift and wonder of the Christ of Christmas. Text: Matthew 1:18-23, Luke 2:1-7