Messages about purpose


What are you looking for? 2020, a new decade

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: outcomes, pathways, purpose

Jesus posed over one hundred different questions throughout the Gospels. In this series “Questions Jesus Asked Us,” eight questions will be explored. As this new decade begins, a timely ask is, “What are you looking for?” Consider this timeless question and its application today.  Text:  John 1:19-39


Renewal Meetings – Tuesday night

Speaker: Basil Marin
Topics: God's power, purpose

God’s Power to Bring Me Back and Keep Me to Fulfill my Purpose


A purposed heart…begins as a decision

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faith, perseverance, purpose, resolve

Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself. Consider the importance of purposeful decisions and its applications today.  Text: Daniel 1:1-8, 6:1-10


The Gift of 168

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: fruitfulness, investment, Life, purpose

Jesus shares a story of a king giving the same gift to ten servants with instruction to “do business until I return.” Consider how this parable is a jolting reminder to spend our gift of 168 wisely. Text: Luke 19:11-27


How Do I Love Thee?

Speaker: Dave Pegarella
Topics: calling, plans, purpose

Everyone wants to know why they are here and what they are supposed to do. It is not as complicated as some have made it out to be. To find the answer one need look no further than 1 John 4:7-11.