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Of Saints & Sinners…The “messiness” of Jesus Genealogy

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: brokeness, family, messiness, redeemed

Part 1 of Advent Series, “Of Saints And Sinners”. How God chose to enter the human story is miraculous. The messy family tree through which God chose to enter is equally miraculous. In #1 of 5 of the Christmas series, consider the wonder of Immanuel entering our story through saints and sinners.  Text: Matthew 1:1-5, 21


Hope for the Redeemed

Speaker: Don Weaver
Topics: eternal joy, help is on the way, Hope, redeemed

We will look at these verses from Isaiah 35 and hope to encourage all of us in our walk. The world we Christians live in is a fallen world as we are, but in Christ we are redeemed.  Text:Isaiah 35



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: emptied, redeemed, repentance, Salvation

A snakebite proved fatal for the Israelite’s unless they looked upon the pole lifted up before them. In this Lenten season, our wilderness may look different, yet our “bitten” nature points to One lifted up on a pole.   Text: Numbers 21:4-9; John 3:14-21


Trusting a larger story…blessed are the persecuted

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: perseverance, redeemed, suffering

The eighth beatitude is most difficult to embrace and flies in the face of everything we know as humans. As one faithfully lives into this beatitude, consider how this points to our part in a much larger story.  Text: Matthew 5:10-12, 10:16-20