Messages about relationships


What are we celebrating?

Speaker: Ken Martin
Topics: church, footwashing, relationships

What are we celebrating today? Relation Celebration is celebrating the privilege of being part of the family of God. Part of the celebration is the practice of washing one another’s feet.  Our goal is to nurture good relationships that are founded on a vital relationship with Jesus.  Text:  John 13:14


Relationally Vested

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: relationships

Relationships today can easily become cheap, shallow or take on a Facebook persona. What does it look like to be vested relationally? Consider the timeless application in relationship which arises from this text.  Text: Luke 5:17-26


The “Feet” of Relationships

Speaker: Don Weaver
Topics: friendships, Humility, relationships

To encourage and challenge us to build healthy and thriving relationships with others and with God.  Text: Ruth 1:16-17, Samuel 18:1-3, John 13: 1-17