Messages about repentance


Divine Rescue – From Despair to Hope

Speaker: Dale Zimmerman
Topics: Hope, new life, repentance

God is the one we must turn (or return) to in order to find hope in a world full of despair.  Text: Ruth 1:1-22


Pleasure will satisfy my longing for happiness (Lie #1)

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: conflict, Humility, repentance, words

Why do we fight with those we love? Could it be the problem is deep within us? A lie we have come to believe? Like a skilled surgeon, James diagnosis the source of relational conflict. Once exposed, he offers a simple, Christ-centered cure for conflict.  Text: James 4:1-10


A Song of Longing for Wholeness

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: discipleship, repentance, wholeness

Submersed in a culture swarming with lies and malice, the longing for peace and truth sets us on a pilgrim search for wholeness in the presence God. Dissatisfaction with the world of sin is necessary preparation to walk in the way of discipleship. Text: Psalm 120



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: emptied, redeemed, repentance, Salvation

A snakebite proved fatal for the Israelite’s unless they looked upon the pole lifted up before them. In this Lenten season, our wilderness may look different, yet our “bitten” nature points to One lifted up on a pole.   Text: Numbers 21:4-9; John 3:14-21


A Purposeful Posture

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: holiness, repentance, Worship

There is a noticeable conundrum entering Holy Week as the jubilant voices expressing “Hosanna” also shout “Crucify Him” only days later. Consider what a purposeful posture of the human heart reveals…even on our worst day. Text: Psalm 51:1-17


Cleaning Out the Garage

Topics: cleansing, confession, repentance

Just as we must periodically clean out the garage, we must do spiritual checkups as well. Jesus provides us with really great news, that we CAN be cleansed from junk in our lives.  Text:  I John 1: 1-10