Messages about Resurrection


Broken by the Resurrection

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Life, Resurrection, revelation

The many titles given Jesus include “Resurrection” and “Bread of Life.” Consider the Emmaus disciples, so absorbed in news feeds they missed the One walking with them–until bread was broken by the Resurrection. Today, 2021, “He is Risen” is still Good News!  Text: Luke 24:13-35



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: atonement, attack, Resurrection, suffering

The story of Job can be most perplexing. Yet, embedded in this narrative is a story of God. Consider the many foreshadows of Christ, as our Sufferer weaved throughout this story.  Text: Job 1:1, 22, 42:7-11


“Risen 2020” Blessed by Believing

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: believe, doubt, Resurrection

As our world is shaken because of COVID-19, faith is challenged, even doubted or questioned. Consider how the resurrected Christ met his best friends in the midst of their shaken faith, doubt and questions. Text: John 20:19-31


Arms Wide Open

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: blessing, Resurrection, risen

HE IS RISEN! On this Easter morn, consider how the posture of Christ on the cross continues after the resurrection-arms wide open!  Text: Luke 24:36-50


He Called My Name

Topics: Lazarus, Resurrection

The story of Lazarus has drama, passion, tragedy and the unbelievable unprecedented account of an ending that includes a resurrection.  Text:  John 11




Unlock and Breathe in the Resurrection

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Fear, Life, Peace, Resurrection

The Good News of Christ’s resurrection was announced, yet the disciples remained behind locked doors. Consider how the resurrected Christ entered this fear-filled space and breathed resurrection power on the disciples, a gift which continues for all who believe. Text:  John 21:19-31


RISEN!…7 miles in

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Life, Resurrection, risen

What does it mean to live into the resurrection? Consider two disciples walking seven miles and nearly missing the resurrected Christ walking with them. Text: Luke 24:13-35


Plowing Forward

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: courage, Resurrection, vision

Jesus said whoever puts their hand to the plow and looks back is unfit for the Kingdom of God. Do you plow forward? Consider in this post-resurrection setting how the disciples looked back to the “former things” and nearly missed the resurrected Christ inviting them to plow forward. Text: John 21:1-6