Messages about risk


The Squeeze of the narrow way

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: committment, cost, Faithfulness, risk

The way of Jesus will “squeeze” all who choose to walk its narrow path. Yet, often times, the squeeze comes unexpectedly. In 2021, the squeeze is very real. Consider necessary applications to faithfully navigate the path of Christ.  Text: Mark 10:32-45


LORD of the “other side”

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: mision, risk, transformation

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus continually pressed the disciples to see the margins and edges of culture. Consider the risk Christ took in going to the “other side” of the lake and similar applications which apply today.  Text: Luke 8:22-39


Weaverland and me…extending our REACH for Christ

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Holy Spirit, Obedience, reach, risk

Can Saul’s still become Paul’s? Consider the risk a faithful disciple named Ananias invested and the REACH disciples can boldly extend today. Text:Acts 9:10-17