Messages about sacrifice


I thought it was all about me

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: hearing God, Obedience, sacrifice, service

How is it that Jonah heard God’s call so clearly and, yet totally missed the heart of God and everything became about him? In message 1 of “Jonah…more than just a fish,” consider takeaways as relational God plunged to the depths of the sea pursuing relationship with us.  Text: Jonah 1



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: entitlement, sacrifice, self, surrender

Where the world would have us believe sacrifice is optional, Jesus shows us that giving up our lives for His sake is the only way to truly live.                                             Text: Matthew 20:20-28; 26:26-30


See yourself as you truly are: the story of Cain & Abel

Speaker: Kelly Martin
Topics: love, sacrifice, Worship

Only when you see yourself as you truly are can you begin to realize the extent of Gods mercy. It’s only by Gods presence and grace that we can even begin to lift our eyes to something good. Your voluntary sacrifice represents the quality of your relationship with God. Are you offering just some of it, or the very best portions of it?  Text: Genesis 4: 4-7