Messages about sexuality


Holy & Healthy Marriage as a Pointer to Christ and the Church

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: holiness, living, Marriage, sexuality

In human sexuality series #3 of 6, many timeless truths rise from Ephesians 4-5, including marriage as a pointer to Christ and the Church. Consider relevant applications which shape holy and healthy sexuality today.  Text:  Ephesians 4-5


Created Male and Female

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Creation, holiness, sexuality

Humanity was formed in the very image of God on Day 6 of creation. Maleness and femaleness, including sexuality, was pronounced “very good.” As this series launches, consider how the crown jewel of God’s creation remains “very good.”  Text: Genesis 2:7, 18-25; Matthew 19:1-6


VBS – Wednesday evening

Topics: consequences, sexuality

“Biblical Sexuality – Living in a Sexually Charged World”


VBS-Thursday evening

Topics: Compassion, gender, sexuality

God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality, and our Compassionate Engagement