Messages about suffering


Revealed–What Jesus Desires in His Church…Be Unbroken by the Devil

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: persecution, steadfast, suffering

To be a follower of Jesus is to be in a spiritual battle. Suffering and persecution are part of this battle. What does Jesus expect from His church when she comes under attack? Jesus expects His church to be be faithful, unbroken by the schemes of enemy, because He has the future of His people under control. Text: Revelation 2:8-11



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: atonement, attack, Resurrection, suffering

The story of Job can be most perplexing. Yet, embedded in this narrative is a story of God. Consider the many foreshadows of Christ, as our Sufferer weaved throughout this story.  Text: Job 1:1, 22, 42:7-11


The wheat and the tares…making sense of evil & suffering as a healing community

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: cross, evil, restoration, suffering

What is the cause of evil and suffering in our world? Can we fix it? Or, will it always be this way? To answer these questions, Jesus parable of the wheat and the tares presses us deep into the character and purposes of God and points forward to the cross where the love of God, seemingly so weak, ends up victorious and ultimately destroys the power of evil.  Text: Matthew 13: 24-30


Much more than puppets in the story of God

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: evil, Faith, suffering

#3 of 4 in Series:  When Life is Hard and God Seem Cruel

When life is hard and God seems cruel, our reality may appear like a puppet on a string. In this third of four messages, despite evil and suffering, consider how we are much more than puppets- we are participants in God’s story.  Text: Hebrews 11


Sitting with uncomfortable questions…as did Job

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: evil, mystery, questions, suffering

#2 of 4 in Series:  When Life is Hard and God Seems Cruel

The story of Job is filled with mystery and wonder-especially of evil, suffering, and the sovereignty of God. Consider how this incredible book is not about suffering–it is a story about God.  Text:  Job 1:1-2:13


Evil, suffering & the crisis of faith…even in Gethsemane

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: evil, Grace, redemption, suffering

#1 of 4 in Series:  When Life is Hard and God Seem Cruel

“Where is God!? This timeless question continues to cry for an answer amidst a world filled with evil and suffering. The first of four messages will explore this faith tension of God’s redeeming presence even as one experiences the felt abandonment of God.  Text: Luke 22:39-45


But God, Why!!??

Speaker: Jim Weick
Topics: Faith, suffering

There are many awful and tragic things that happen to us or to others that cause us to ask that question. But Christians should have an entirely different approach to the seemingly unanswerable questions about God and His role in our world. Using Job as a case study, let’s see if we can find some solid truth in this matter.  Text: Job 1:13-22, 19:23-27, 38:1-7, 42:1-6


Trusting a larger story…blessed are the persecuted

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: perseverance, redeemed, suffering

The eighth beatitude is most difficult to embrace and flies in the face of everything we know as humans. As one faithfully lives into this beatitude, consider how this points to our part in a much larger story.  Text: Matthew 5:10-12, 10:16-20