Messages about transformation


Transformation and Discipleship is a noun

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: becoming, belonging, discipleship, transformation

Jesus commissioned his disciples to make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19). This is no minor or insignificant task. It is the main thing. Measure 3 asks, ” Are “Sauls” becoming “Pauls”? The question requires that we sharpen our focus to be very deliberate and intentional about making disciples.  Text: Acts 9:18-19; John 1:43-51


Faith…in Christ alone? A faith worth dying for

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: belief, discipleship, eternal life, transformation

How does a person connect with God? Spiritual cleansing and renewal is required. So, in a costly demonstration of unexpected love, God extends cleansing and new life to all through Jesus. This cleansing and new life is by faith alone. A transforming faith which responds in gratitude to God and shows itself in worship and discipleship.                  Text:  John 3:1-21


Restocking our fridge…blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

Speaker: J. Carl Sensenig
Topics: Grace, journey, transformation

We are brought into right relationship with God through the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Yet we know that there is unfinished work in our own lives, and much is awry in our world. We follow Jesus in obedience and in the hope of the coming perfection.  Text: Matthew 5:6.


Salvation: A Relationship That Transforms!

Speaker: Nevin Hurst
Topics: discipleship, Salvation, transformation

Salvation is more than just agreeing to believe a certain way. But what is it? What does the Bible really teach about being saved? Turns out, it’s a broader concept than what we thought, affecting all of us, not just our minds.


LORD of the “other side”

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: mision, risk, transformation

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus continually pressed the disciples to see the margins and edges of culture. Consider the risk Christ took in going to the “other side” of the lake and similar applications which apply today.  Text: Luke 8:22-39


Reimagining Our Reach

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: reach, transformation, Witness

Everyday life and global realities easily robs one’s imagination of the transforming reach of the Gospel. Consider how a faithful witness can yet reach beyond our ability to imagine.  Text: Acts 16:25-34