Messages about Trust


Rejoice Always, Really?

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: anxiety, joy, nearness of God, Trust

The Covid-19 pandemic has us social isolating with no clear end in sight. Those unable to work are feeling stressed, those who are working–especially on the front lines in health care–are also stressed, but for very different reasons. As followers of Jesus we need more than ever to know that God is near. Because we are “in the Lord” we can rejoice. Really!  Text: Philippians 4: 4-9


What Four Little Creatures Tell Us About Wisdom

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: community, mission, protection, rescue, Trust, wisdom

What is wisdom? Wisdom is the skill of living life in a God-honoring way. The writer of Proverbs invites us to consider carefully four seemingly insignificant and vulnerable creatures, and by observing these little creatures, to discover our own vulnerabilities and learn how we can navigate life wisely, that is in a Christ-centered, God-honoring way.  Text: Proverbs 30:24-28; 1 Peter 3:8


The Frustrations of Prayer

Speaker: Leon Hurst
Topics: Faith, God's goodness, Persistence, prayer, Trust

Jesus teaches us to pray boldly with the expectation that God our Father delights to give his beloved children all that is good for them. As we pray, we can be confident in the goodness of God. God’s timing can frustrate us, and yet it is an unexpected part of His goodness as we discover from the Israelites, Abraham and Sarah, Joseph and Elijah.  Text: Luke 11:5-13; 1 Kings 18


Gotta Have Faith

Speaker: Rodney Horst
Topics: Faith, move mountains, prayer, Trust

The account of the fig tree withering is a teachable moment for the disciples on the power of faith. What is faith? How is it pleasing to God? Fight the good fight of the faith.  Text: Mat. 21:18-22, Heb. 11:1-6, I Tim. 6:12-16


Weapons for Daily Victory

Speaker: Don Weaver
Topics: being real, Trust

Using God’s weapons for daily living and victory. Text: 2 Corinthian 10:3-5


Christmas is Promised!

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: despair, Faithfulness, promise, Trust

God’s promises often appear during the darkest of times or when faith is but a vapor. Yet…Christmas is promised!
Consider again the promise of one described as Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Text: Isaiah 9:2;6-7, John 1:14


Mud…a primary ingredient in building the Church

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: adversity, confession, discouragement, Faith, Trust

Jesus declares He will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. What is the main ingredient Jesus uses in building His church? Text: Matthew 16:13-19