Messages about Truth



Speaker: Dale Zimmerman
Topics: Jesus is Truth, postmodernism, Truth

Where the world defines truth on personal terms (i.e.: ‘my truth’ or ‘what is true for me’), Jesus defines truth as an objective reality outside of the human experience.  Text: Matthew 5:17-18, 12:33-37, John 17:17




Revealed – What Christ Desires in His Church…Be Like Jesus

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faithfulness, love, Truth

We launch this seven-part Revealed series and immediately encounter needed words spoken by Christ to a suffering and bloodied Church. Consider its application: when we love our first love, we love like Jesus.  Text: Revelation 1:10-20, 2:1-7



Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: deceit, false teachers, spirits, Truth

Life’s questions are increasingly difficult and complex. Today, opinion and sound bites can quickly translate to false teaching. What does it mean to “test the spirits?” Consider how such testing applies amidst the many voices of a conflicted world.  Text: 1 John 3:18-4:6


Mind Games: Who Will You Believe?

Speaker: Eric Marshall
Topics: freedom, lies, Truth

Every thought we have carries with it a little spiritual power that can move us closer or further away from God. No thought is purely neutral it either leads us to freedom or slavery. What we believe depends on who we listen to—Jesus who speaks the truth or the devil who tells lies.  Text: John 8:31-47; 9:1-5


Renewal Meetings – Sun am

Speaker: Jim Weick
Topics: darkness, deceit, light, Truth

Part 1 of the series entitled “The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail”.  “Times of Darkness Cry Out for Light”.  An examination of the times in which we live, from a biblical perspective. Text:  Daniel 12:1-13


The Devil’s Favorite Color

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: darkness, deception, light, Truth

Did you ever wonder what the devils favorite color might be? Consider how spiritual attentiveness guards one against the subtle “go to” color most often used by Satan.  Text: 2 Peter 3:1-17


You will know Jesus (truth) and He will set you free

Topics: Truth

Do we believe Jesus is the Truth? What does Jesus mean that we can be free? Free from what? We are God’s people and need to lead in these Truths (Jesus).  Text: John 8:30-36


Seriously? What do my parents have to do with me/us? Looking at our past to understand our present and improve our future.

Topics: family origin, freedom, Truth

We will explore generational patterns and how, with the help of Jesus and the power of the cross, we are able to be over-comers. Text: Exodus 20:4-6