Messages about value


Mudpies & Millstones

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: children, safety, value

Jesus continually re-centered his disciples by bringing a child into their midst. Consider the “mudpie and millstone” warning Jesus exhorts revealing His value of children and their safety.  Text: Matthew 18:1-14


Celebrating value & identity….as a Godly woman

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: freedom, Identity, value

Everyone carries a “handbag” filled with stuff including masks, wounds and unfulfilled dreams. Hannah was no exception. Consider how emptying ones handbag before the Lord opens the way for peace and healing.
Text: 1 Samuel 1:1-18


The Value of Human Life…God’s vs World’s

Topics: Life, love, value

God’s love for all of humanity and his great love of mankind. In a time when there seems to be so much hate and violence…. how does God want us to live and show the great value of human life?
Text: Psalm 139 and Matt 19:13-14


What’s Trump?

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: importance, love, others, perspective, value

The Holy Spirit at Pentecost invites the “love chapter” to become more than a possibility for the church. Consider why the “love chapter” is uniquely placed in the middle of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Text: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13