Messages about victory


Prayer Still shakes the heavenlies

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: intercession, victory, warfare

Despite earnest prayer, life may remain incredibly hard. Is it just coincidence or might an unseen spiritual battle be raging? Consider takeaways from Daniel how a spiritual battle was won in the heavenlies because of persevering prayer.  Text: Daniel 10: 1-19


Dressed And Ready

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: deliverance, freedom, victory, warfare

Spiritual warfare is real and personal. In the final message of this series, consider how one can experience victory over the devil as one is dressed in Christ and ready for battle.  Text: Mark 5:14-15; Ephesians 6:10-20


Expecting Attack

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: spiritual attack, temptation, victory

The devil will attack us using any and all strategies to defeat us. In #3 of the Spiritual Warfare 101-Greater is HE! series, Consider Jesus and the victorious strategies used against the devil when attacked.  Text: Luke 4:1-14


Keeping Perspective…in the Battle

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faithfulness, perseverance, victory

Life is VERY hard. When in the thick of spiritual battle and everyday life, keeping perspective can be difficult. Consider God’s heart and perspective for the church in such times.  Text: Revelation 21:1-8


Disproportionate Odds

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: deliverance, odds, victory

The story of David and Goliath is among the most familiar in all of Scripture. Yet the text reveals far more than a “win” for the underdog. Despite disproportionate odds, this is a story of God’s deliverance which still applies today.  Text :1 Samuel 17


Our Deepest Temptations Always Target our True Identity

Topics: freedom, temptation, victory

In a chaotic and polarizing culture, Daniel became both a model Jew and Babylonian. Where he conformed to society and resisted conformity is a model for us.  Text:  Daniel 1


The First Word

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: rejoice, Resurrection, victory

Consider the first spoken word of Jesus following the resurrection. Does this “word” Jesus spoke still carry the day for those who follow Jesus? Text: Matthew 28:1-10, 1 Corinthians 15:12-20