Messages about warfare


Prayer Still shakes the heavenlies

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: intercession, victory, warfare

Despite earnest prayer, life may remain incredibly hard. Is it just coincidence or might an unseen spiritual battle be raging? Consider takeaways from Daniel how a spiritual battle was won in the heavenlies because of persevering prayer.  Text: Daniel 10: 1-19


Dressed And Ready

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: deliverance, freedom, victory, warfare

Spiritual warfare is real and personal. In the final message of this series, consider how one can experience victory over the devil as one is dressed in Christ and ready for battle.  Text: Mark 5:14-15; Ephesians 6:10-20


Spiritual battle armrests…the need of every believer

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: enemy, intercession, spiritual battle, warfare

Spiritual warfare is real as was the story of Aaron and Hur holding up the tired arms of Moses while in battle. Consider how the need for spiritual armrests then applies to spiritual battles today.  Text: Exodus 17: 8-16