Messages about Worship


A Song of Community Gladness

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: belonging, Christian home, community, joy, Worship

We all have within us a need to worship and a need to belong. These essential human needs find their truest expression in the structure and secure relationships of a Christ-centered home and in the community of a God-honoring, Christ-following, worshiping, and praising people. When worship shapes family life, and family life shapes worship we extend our reach for Christ.  Text: Psalm 122


The Reset

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: authenticity, Worship, worshipper

How easy it is to get caught up in ourselves and totally miss the mark. As this text reveals, sometimes the Lord gently presses our reset button to reveal how far we are off.  Text: Luke 19:37-41


REAL Resistance

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Humility, pride, resistance, Worship

King Herod exerted REAL resistance to the unfolding story of God. Consider human nature of resisting what God desires to do versus seeking what God is doing.  Text: Matthew 2:1-11, 16-18


A Purposeful Posture

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: holiness, repentance, Worship

There is a noticeable conundrum entering Holy Week as the jubilant voices expressing “Hosanna” also shout “Crucify Him” only days later. Consider what a purposeful posture of the human heart reveals…even on our worst day. Text: Psalm 51:1-17


The Only Kind of Worshiper

Speaker: Nevin Hurst
Topics: Truth, Worship

What does Jesus mean by his statement in John 4:24, that those who worship God must do so in spirit and truth?  Text: John 4:1-26


“God’s Call, Leadership and Worship”

Speaker: Don Weaver
Topics: God's call, leadership, Worship

Teaching from the life of John…..How God called him for a special time, He was a leader and he pointed people to Jesus.  Text:   Matthew 3:1-6, 13-17


The Treasure in the Kettle

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Heart, Idolatry, Molded, Treasure, Worship

Jesus instructed his followers to lay up treasure in heaven. Consider how this command impacts the worship of God and challenges the human tendency of constructing idols in the 21st century.  Text: Matthew 6:19-21 and Exodus 32:1-24