_____, a follower of Jesus Christ

Speaker: Dale Zimmerman
Topics: Christian Life, following Jesus, Identity

Like Paul and other epistle authors, As a follower of Jesus we proclaim and cherish our identity in Jesus. As will live for him and connect with others, we proclaim the wonderous works He has done in us as His testimony. By doing so, others will see what Jesus has done.  Text: Psalm 105: 1-5; Philippians 1: 1-14f


Can I Be a Good Neighbor

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: neighboring, Witness

God in Jesus, “moved into our neighborhood.” As followers of Jesus, we too live in a neighborhood. Where we live is by God’s design and purpose. We are where we are to seek the prosperity of our neighborhood and community. Consider how the fullness of God may be seen and understood, and with God’s help, we can do this! We can be good neighbors.

Text: Jeremiah 29:1-7; John 17:15-17


Who am I to my neighbor?

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus

A “person of peace” is a missional phrase to describe a person who receives a follower of Jesus and the message of Jesus. The phrase describes a person who is receptive to hearing your story, God’s story, and the Good News of Jesus. We value persons of peace. They make good neighbors. Not every neighbor is a person of peace. What kind of a neighbor am I? Am I a person of peace in my neighborhood? Jesus calls us to be a people of peace. The person of peace receives the Good News of Jesus and shares it with friends and neighbors.  Text: Luke 10:1-16; Romans 12:17-18


Who is my neighbor to me?

Speaker: Eric Marshall

What keeps us from getting to know our neighbors better? Studies suggest time is the biggest obstacle (we’re a busy people). Fear is a close second (what if…). What do we learn from Jesus’ interaction with Mary and Martha about priorities, and boundaries? Martha is so busy with the urgent she misses the important. Mary prioritized the important and yet on this day urgent meal preparations clearly suffered. Sometimes we may need to give less energy to the urgent to prioritize the most important.  Text: Luke 10:38-42



If neighboring is an art, what artwork did Jesus paint?

Speaker: Brian Martin

“The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.”
What does it mean for one to be “incarnational” in the neighborhood–as was Jesus? Is neighboring an art? If so, what did Jesus teach us? Consider the art of neighboring through Christ as the Master Artist.  Text: John 1:14; Mark 6:1-13


Hope in a time of hopelessness

Speaker: David Lapp
Topics: Faith, Hope, service

We live in a world that is struggling with identity and hopelessness. True hope needs to be based on the fact of who God is and nothing else. Hope is being able to see the Light despite the darkness.  Text: Deuteronomy 31:6; 1 Peter 1:3-4; I John 5:14-15


One Thing …Living the Mission 2022

Speaker: Elder Team
Topics: sacrificial love

Living the Mission 2022, focuses on following of Jesus’s example of sacrificial love. What may be “one thing” God is calling us to demonstrate sacrificial love with persons already in our everyday life.  Text: Matthew 22: 27-39


The question yet lingers

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Grace, misalignment, mission, self

Jonah, a follower of God, and the first sent missionary, is a unique and wildly conflicted person. Jonah’s heart was grossly misaligned with God’s heart and mission. Perhaps Jonah reflects self more than one dares to admit. Consider a pointed question of God…yet lingering in this story.  Text: Jonah 4