Relationally Vested

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: relationships

Relationships today can easily become cheap, shallow or take on a Facebook persona. What does it look like to be vested relationally? Consider the timeless application in relationship which arises from this text.  Text: Luke 5:17-26


But God, Why!!??

Speaker: Jim Weick
Topics: Faith, suffering

There are many awful and tragic things that happen to us or to others that cause us to ask that question. But Christians should have an entirely different approach to the seemingly unanswerable questions about God and His role in our world. Using Job as a case study, let’s see if we can find some solid truth in this matter.  Text: Job 1:13-22, 19:23-27, 38:1-7, 42:1-6


Keeping Perspective…in the Battle

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faithfulness, perseverance, victory

Life is VERY hard. When in the thick of spiritual battle and everyday life, keeping perspective can be difficult. Consider God’s heart and perspective for the church in such times.  Text: Revelation 21:1-8


When You Feel Like Shouting at God

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Hope, hopelessness

It is natural to romanticize the stories of the Scriptures. However, the raw reality of human experience reveals even the disciples shouting at God. Consider similar applications within our own story.  Text: Mark 4:33-41


Pursuing the Presence of God in Times of Despair

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: despair, Faithfulness

Can we trust that God will be present with us in each step of life’s uncertain journey? Indeed, we can because we have a mediator in Jesus Christ.   Text:Exodus 33:1-23.


Gotta Have Faith

Speaker: Rodney Horst
Topics: Faith, move mountains, prayer, Trust

The account of the fig tree withering is a teachable moment for the disciples on the power of faith. What is faith? How is it pleasing to God? Fight the good fight of the faith.  Text: Mat. 21:18-22, Heb. 11:1-6, I Tim. 6:12-16


Spiritual Authenticity vs. Religious Drift

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: authenticity, hypocrisy

Some of Jesus’ strongest words were directed those who drifted into religiosity. Consider Christ’s passionate appeal and warning of this drift and its applications today.  Text: Matthew 23:1-29