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The Reset

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: authenticity, Worship, worshipper

How easy it is to get caught up in ourselves and totally miss the mark. As this text reveals, sometimes the Lord gently presses our reset button to reveal how far we are off.  Text: Luke 19:37-41


I Know Secret – Renewal Meetings

Speaker: Steve Weaver
Topics: contentment

There is a secret to being content in life. Do you know what that secret is?  Text: Philippians 4:10-13


A Song of Longing for Wholeness

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: discipleship, repentance, wholeness

Submersed in a culture swarming with lies and malice, the longing for peace and truth sets us on a pilgrim search for wholeness in the presence God. Dissatisfaction with the world of sin is necessary preparation to walk in the way of discipleship. Text: Psalm 120


He Called My Name

Speaker: Ralph Garth
Topics: Lazarus, Resurrection

The story of Lazarus has drama, passion, tragedy and the unbelievable unprecedented account of an ending that includes a resurrection.  Text:  John 11




God is for you!

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Faithfulness, Grace, journey

“God is for you” easily becomes a nice-sounding cliche. Is it true? Consider this Old Testament story which provides applications for today at how far God will go to prove this truth.  Text: Number 22:22-35


Relationally Vested

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: relationships

Relationships today can easily become cheap, shallow or take on a Facebook persona. What does it look like to be vested relationally? Consider the timeless application in relationship which arises from this text.  Text: Luke 5:17-26