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Renewal meetings – Sunday pm

Speaker: Jim Weick

Part 2 in series entitled “The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail”.  “The Church as Lighthouse and Lifeguard”. Standing for the truth and reaching out to the lost.   Text:  Matthew 5:13-16.


Renewal Meetings – Sun am

Speaker: Jim Weick
Topics: darkness, deceit, light, Truth

Part 1 of the series entitled “The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail”.  “Times of Darkness Cry Out for Light”.  An examination of the times in which we live, from a biblical perspective. Text:  Daniel 12:1-13


Bishop Installation

Speaker: J. Carl Sensenig

Installation of Eric Marshall, Brian Martin and James Weick


Dancing with anxiety

Speaker: Dave Musser
Topics: anxiety, Peace, presence

Today in Scripture, we meet a woman who danced with anxiety. We watch her, with eyes focused on Jesus, overcome her anxiety as she, with fear and trembling, shares her testimony in front of a large crowd. Let us draw strength from her example as we face anxiety in our own lives.  Text: Mark 5:21-34


Right With God

Speaker: Al Stoltzfus
Topics: Faith, justification, restored to life

Since the Garden of Eden the relationship with God has been marred by our fallen human condition. Question: Can that alienated relationship be restored? Answer: Yes, the relationship can be restored. In this passage we discover a right standing with God is accessible to all who respond in faith to Jesus Christ.  Text: Romans 3:21-26


The grass is greener on the other side (Lie #5)

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: covet, happiness, holiness, joy

Since the beginning, the lie of discontentment fosters covetousness and ruins relationships. In the final session of this series, consider everyday practices which guards our heart, honors God, others, and self.  Text: James 5:7-12


My Value is Determined by my stuff (Lie #4)

Speaker: Brian Martin
Topics: Identity, labor, money, Worship

The stuff we have can redefine who we are and compromise our worship. As we uncover Lie #4 of this series, consider the strong words of James to guard the labors of our heart against the god of stuff.  Text: James 5:1-6