Sermon Series

Series Schedule

February 27th | Truth

Matthew 5:17-18; 12:33-37
Where the world defines truth on personal terms (i.e.: ‘my truth’ or ‘what is true for me’), Jesus defines truth as an objective reality outside of the human experience.

March 6th | Success

Matthew 6:19-24
Where the world measurers success according to accumulated wealth, power, and possessions, Jesus defines success in terms of who we serve and what we value most.

March 13th | Contentment

Matthew 7:7-12
Where the world defines contentment as having everything I want when I want it, Jesus defines contentment as a petitioning trust in the good gifts of a Father in heaven.

March 20th | Freedom

Matthew 5:38-42; 43-48 Luke 4:14-20
Where the world insists on personal rights and privileges to the fullest extent of the law, Jesus shows by example how not to make personal rights the basis of relationship.

March 27th | Sacrifice

Matthew 16:24-28; 26:26-30
Where the world would have us believe sacrifice is optional, Jesus shows us that giving up our lives for His sake is the only way to truly live.

April 3rd | Simplicity

Matthew 6:25-34
Where the world chases after significance in external luxuries, Jesus shows us how simplicity of faith is the greatest luxury.

April 10th | Peace

Matthew 6:1-8; 16-18
Where the world would have us think peace is linked to how other people view us, Jesus equates genuine peace emanating from a right relationship God.