Upcoming Sermon Series

Today, many voices, theories, and even theologies can quickly rob the church of its mission and first love—Jesus Christ. As occurred in the first century amid incredibly trying times, a “revelation” shook the church to sharpen its call and to persevere in mission. Consider how the seven churches of Revelation reveal what Christ seeks of His Bride–the Church today.

January 2nd
Be like Jesus Revelation 1:12-20, 2:1-7

January 9th
Be Unbroken by the Devil Revelation 2:8-11

January 16th
Be Authentic Revelation 2:12-17

January 23rd
Be Pure Revelation 2:18-29

January 30th
Be Full of Life Revelation 3:1-6

February 6th
Be Undeterred Revelation 3:7-13

February 13th
Be White-Hot in the Spirit Revelation 3:14-22