Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Weaverland.

It is my delight to introduce you to Weaverland. I invite you to explore our site. As you look around, you will quickly discover who we are, what we believe, and what one might anticipate at Weaverland.

Jesus Christ is the very center of our identity. Indeed, “Restoring lives by encountering Christ” is far more than a trendy slogan; it is our congregational mission. Jesus is Lord!

At Weaverland, it is the people who bring life and authenticity to our fellowship and witness. You will find approachable, “every-day,” ordinary people who love Jesus. They also love one another and take the Word of God seriously.

As we worship and walk together, our human brokenness translates into spiritual transformation and wholeness as we follow Jesus. Every-day faith stories bring relevance and encouragement to the challenges of life. Among such real people, you will find friendship, Christ-like love, and community.

So please, take a look around. It would be our privilege to have you fellowship with us.

In Christ,

Brian Martin
Lead Pastor