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"The wind blows where it wishes, you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8

Habits-much like a cow

I spent many years working with dairy cows. I like cows. I often refer to dairy cows as the “queen” of all farm animals. Unlike others farm animals, such as chickens, steers, or hogs, cows carry a pronounced majestic aura about them. The distinct grace and presence of a cow is undeniably compelling. Rarely is a cow in a hurry. If they are, it is not a good day for the cow or the farmer. Rarely is a cow temperamental or unfriendly. Cows are typically quite content and never carry a grudge unlike a mean, barnyard dog. Cows also are Read More »

Planting and the Curse

Looking across a recently planted corn field, thousands of small seed kernels, planted several weeks prior, have germinated and emerged from the soil. Each kernel, now a three-leafed plant, fluttered in the gentle breeze and joyfully basked in the warm May sunshine. While each small plant is quite insignificant on its own, together, the collective small stalks mark distinct rows as their lush green color contrasts the winter cover crop. The winter cover crop did its work and now provides a natural mulch bed for growth. In a month, these tender stalks of corn will tower above my head. I Read More »

There It Is, NOT!

Stones, some as large as a pickup truck, lay broken in multiple pieces at the foot of the mammoth wall before me. It is no wonder the disciples, awestruck and fascinated as they exited the temple, could not get over the size of these stones, turned to Jesus saying, “Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!” (Mk. 13:1) I remember the overwhelming impression as we stood before the only remaining wall of the Jewish temple, built by Herod the Great. The same stones which captured the eyes of the disciples…now captured mine. On this day, however, I was standing Read More »

I Pledge Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to…” How the followers of Christ finish this sentence discloses much. Allegiances have tested and tried the followers of Christ and the church since the first century. defines allegiance as: A loyalty or faithfulness, especially to a person or cause, usually a loyalty that is considered extremely important. defines allegiance as: The act of binding yourself to a course of action. After inquiring of his disciples what the word was on the street concerning Him, with laser focus Jesus turns the pointed question to his followers. “What about you, who do you say I am?” Read More »

I Thirst

          “I thirst” Spoken by Christ from the cross, these two words capture the horror of the cross and its ability to inflict unfathomable suffering. These two words also disclose a deep geographical context. While in seminary, I recall numerous profs tirelessly emphasizing the critical need for context whenever opening the Scriptures. One example of context is water. Given the many references, uses, and metaphors concerning water throughout the Canon, much geographical context is revealed. In the beginning, a river is introduced in Genesis 2. His river watered the Garden of Eden. Water also bookends the Read More »

Rediscovering Manna amid our Wilderness

“What is it?”  “WHAT IS IT?” “What is this strange white stuff glistening in the morning sunlight?” These were the words, repeated by some three million Israelites, as they stood at the door of their tents, staring with wonder across the wilderness plain as the morning dawn greeted them. Their world, perhaps like it is for many of us these days, was turned upside down in the prior weeks. Life as they knew it was forever changed. The norms and rhythms of everyday living were set aside. Life now was totally disorienting, disturbing, and filled with anxiety. Now, free from Read More »

A Necessary Word when Our World is Turned Upside-Down

For all of us, our world has been turned upside-down. The ugly and silent reach of COVID-19 has touched the corners of the globe. The virus’ fallout has been disorienting; its impact is disconcerting and surreal. Living in this new reality is like attempting to create a pathway on shifting sand. Not only is walking steadily a challenge, but a simple or before-assumed task is questionable or quickly deemed impossible. We find ourselves needing to answer questions that that were never asked before. By days end, fatigue and deep exhaustion, like never known or experienced before, settles in. At every Read More »

Pruning hurts

As a young boy growing up on a small farm south of New Holland, I fondly remember, two rather large grapevines which graced our property. The one vine was trellised on a large fourteen-foot square overhead arbor, strategically placed between the summer kitchen and the outhouse. Over summer, its leaves provided a beautiful canopy of shade to walk under where fresh vegetables were often placed out of the sun. The vine branches, which filled the arbor canopy produced green grapes. The other vine grew on a trellis located next to the walk which snaked some thirty feet from our back Read More »